Monday, January 31, 2011

The Hat Chronicles

Yesterday, Sunday, Stu and I went downtown to shop. He needed to get a bag for the gym/school/multipurpose and I love to help so I tagged along. Soon enough, after devouring our falafel plates on Robson, I became an unwilling participant in the epic hat search of 2011. I was looking for a soft, pretty knit hat at the Bay but Stu insisted I try on every hat he picked out and that I needed "photographic evidence" of my journey. This is what ensued:

Does anybody out there also have a boyfriend who loves to embarrass you? Besides this adventure(my personal favourite was the disgusting blue bow hat), he has changed my facebook status to "I like poo" and logged on to my account so that he could sign me up for the Nickelback fanclub. Thanks Stu, I love you too :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what's in my bag?

I'm always inspired by "what's in my bag" photos like this one on 10.17, or this one my friend Lynlea did! There's also this one (even guys do them! Who knew?). I just think it's kind of a unique glimpse into somebody's every day life. ALSO I got a new bag for Christmas so what better reason is there to take some photos? Here's what's in my bag:

Clockwise from left:
-Ray-Ban oversize aviators
-Joe nailpolish that I'm currently wearing (for touch-ups)
-Bus/skytrain pass
-Nail file
-House keys on CHER keychain (perfect gift from my parents from Vegas; OBSESSED with Cher)
-Trident Spearmint gum
-Simple men's wallet
-Rings that never stay on my fingers due to fidgeting
-MAC lipstick in Honey Love
-Jolly Ranchers
-Ancient iPod

Monday, January 10, 2011

just this

I know I haven't been updating lots but I've just had a lovely holiday and have been spending lots of time at my boyfriend's house. Just wanted to pop in a post this shot from a Vogue Turkey editorial that has been floating around. Instead of posting all the photos, which are gorgeous, I will leave you with the MONEY SHOT: