Monday, May 30, 2011

Things I would rather do...

...than write this article

1. Try to think of tattoo ideas. Look at models' tattoos and realize I either a) hate them or b) find them funny

2. Think about my tummy ache.

3. Read Thought Catalog

4. Get to page 44 in the archives of a tumblr about people with purple hair.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 Best Moments On Guns At Home (formerly Keep Your Guns At Home for your record-keeping purposes) 2007 to Present

I've had this blog for kind of a long time now, and I have probably lost a lot of readers by never updating, or updating sporadically, or maybe by swearing, or not swearing, or not posting outfit photos or whatever. But in the process of losing blog-friends I think I've probably gained one or two so that's why I wanted to take a look back at my favourite posts of all time. Also because I'm feeling uninspired lately and I really like how my blog used to be; fun, dumb, and personal. Strap in guys...

6. Seth Rogen rocking out on a bicycle:

This was when Seth Rogen was kind of over saturated and people were either in the love-him or hate-him camp. It was also after he lost a bunch of weight and cut off his fro so I was naturally in the love-him camp because I love a good makeover story.

5. The time I ate an apple on webcam and took screenshots, aka, See-Food:

I don't know why I like this. It just always makes me laugh and want an apple. I promise it's not for vain reasons...I think.

4. Crabby Hat:

This is one of my favourite pictures ever found on the internet because it's absolutely wacky and so old. How did this lady get away with wearing this when film was still in black and white? My best guess is that she was an ambassador on the east coast for some sort of shellfish fetival and she was just trying to get into the spirit. Or she's Lady Gaga's grandma.

3. The Time Kelly and Jack Osbourne Bit My Style:

This bro and sis duo totally copied me. I was devastated and had my lawyers send them a cease and desist order. Jk.

2. Nancy Reagan vs. Jackie Kennedy: White House Decor Cagematch:

I'm actually still curious as to what everyone reading thinks about this. It was one of my favourite posts because Nancy's design sense totally spoke to me on a higher level of yellow 80's tacky-but-pretty steez.

1. The One, The Only: Bologna Baby:

I posted this in 2008 and I still think about Bologna Baby on the regz. I don't know who made her or photographed her or what she was intended or if anyone else even found her as fascinating and hilarious as I did. Does anybody like Bologna Baby like I do? Either way, she is probably the mascot of this blog in my mind. There was also a follow-up post where I found a few more processed-food babies in equally inexplicable photos. I don't know.