Friday, October 17, 2008


I know you were all enraptured by the bologna baby. I know this because you are human.
Let me tell you something that you can either accept or reject: There is more to this processed-food-baby saga. Allow me to introduce:

Spam Baby


Tater-tot Baby

I honestly do not know what to say at this point.
You can thank google and for these chilling images.


Chip said...

and andrew for coming up with the awesome equation of google + bologna dress doll = magic


Dick said...

spam baby made me vom a little bit

tater tot baby made me smile

what a little exhibitionist!

Annyong said...

what tha fuck

Marina said...

the spam baby is going to be one of those statistics about "child heart attacks"
the tater-tot baby looks like it's about to let out a very large belch.

lou said...

lol yes! thanks you!

have you ever tried typing into google "find chuck norris" and then hit "i'm feeling lucky"? hilarious results will insue. i don't really get the chuck norris jokes, but they're still funny.