Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sasha Fierce

somebody get me these faux-veralls*
image via Facehunter

*the term faux-veralls is now copyright: me. tyvm

EDIT: I just googled my new word "faux-veralls" and APARENTLY it has already been coined. I feel like that one time when I was 9 and I thought I invented the lightbox but then I found out it already existed. True story.


pesik said...

jesus christ

Chip said...

ahahaah this post

Jesse said...

hai! thanks for the comment


white lightning said...

i was obsessed withthese too. they've gotta be like..sonia rykiel or something. it feels like some looneytunes shit she would do.

Juliet. said...

Yup indeed they are Sonia Rykiel, shes so awesome.