Sunday, June 29, 2008

a very very very fine house

This post is all about where I'm moving come August. To those who are wondering, my school is called Lasalle College of design. The city I'm living in is New Westminster which is 30 minutes by skytrain from downtown. A few things about my walk around New West today:

-People seem to really really like pink vehicles.

This last photo was what happened when I attempted to snap a lady RIDING A BUBBLEGUM PINK VESPA WEARING A FULL BUBBLEGUM PINK GETUP COMPLETE WITH A GLOSSY PINK HELMET. I miss that lady. A girl after my own heart.

-Mannequins seem to be more ~crazy in love~ here than in any other window display in Winnipeg.

-Artichokes seem to be for decoration only.

-Class seems to be in abundance.
"I owe a lot to BC pot"

So there you have it. I also took a little video tour of the condo for my friends/family in Winnipeg but I'll post it here too because it's REALLY REALLY WELL DONE. Just kidding.

if you find that I'm speaking reeeeeaaaaaaally slowly, it's not because I owe a lot to BC pot, I was just concentrating REALLY hard.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

please 2 b giving me luv


Yesterday was a really good day of the trip, my dad and I got up early and took the skytrain downtown to Granville street! We went in Holt Renfrew and I saw the most beautiful Miu Miu bags :'(
My dad wants to get a bigger murse and he was scoping out the Gucci and I was like "Dad plz, do you know how much those cost? You can't even afford to look at Gucci with your eyes."
THEN we went to my school (or soon to be in the fall) for a TOUR. And can I just say I'm so excited? Can I? Look at this sweet set up on one of the floors of the school (plus, it's a block away from H&M...HELLO)

Check it

Safe to say I'm really looking forward to it.

Then we went and got some lunch and my dad set me free to go to Urban Outfitters and H&M. I had a really nerdy photoshoot (or the taking of 1 picture) in the Urban Outfitters dressing room to show Andrew the shirt I bought for him. EVERYTHING WAS LIKE $10!


Friday, June 27, 2008

this is how we do in the xr2

SO I have arrived in Vancouver aka Van aka Vancity. Did you know there's a credit union here called "Vancity" ? I'm going to open a credit union and call it CASH MONEY.

Anyway, my cab came like 2 minutes late to pick me up from home with all my bags so I was late-ish to the airport (but really I kind of planned to arrive when I did, I didn't think it was late) and when I got there the guy checking me in was like "omg I love your dress, it's so summery" (it's this ferocious vintage dress) and I was like "thanks!" and handed him my boarding pass. Then we went from best friends to worst enemies, he gave me the DIRTIEST look and was like "YOU'RE LATE I'M PUTTING LATE TAGS ON YOUR BAGS AND IF THEY DON'T GET TO VANCOUVER WHEN YOU DO IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RETERIEVE THEM! NOW RUN!" hahaha so I half-ran to security then I was like fuck this I'm not late. And guess what, I totally WASN'T LATE.
But look at what my frenemie put on my bags:

LOL my call-name was retard for the rest of the day.

Here I am taking a bathroom airplane photo as per tradition. I had to sit beside a creepy/rude businessman who kept staring at my tits and being REALLY ANGRY when I had to get up and use the bathroom. Rude.

After this was taken I had the 1 true embarrassing moment of my life (to be honest I've never had like a REALLY EMBARRASSING moment I don't think but here it is) I was walking back to my seat and my skirt was tucked in my underwear :'( The flight attendant rushed up to whisper it in my ear and I was like OMGGGGGGGGGGGG

ALSO: When I arrived at the airport I found that my dad now possesses a murse. I will not stop ridiculing him and calling him murseman. Evidence of geekdom:

but omg I love him. Dad if you're reading this I LOVE YOU and will still be seen with you at Urban Outfitters and H&M today EVEN WITH YOUR MURSE.

more to come laterz

Wednesday, June 25, 2008



I love this Lil Mama.

Monday, June 23, 2008

back to life, back to reality

stefanie says:
stefanie says:
stefanie says:
james says:
that songs about me
james says:
i pepsprayed burton

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Brass knuckles coffee mug, via Inspire me, now!
Because when I drink my morning coffee, I never feel tuff enuff

Saturday, June 21, 2008

no diggity

Meet Gregg Gillis:

Homeboy must know a LOT about music. You can tell because he can mash up Tiny Dancer and Biggie Smalls' Juicy and make it a dance party to remember. You can tell because he can put the Cure's In Between Days and Crank That (Soulja Boy) together and not have people crying "BLASPHEMY". Beat matching like a champ, Gregg Gillis fronts Girl Talk. To speak more literally he's the only guy in Girl Talk.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and street cred as much as to assume you don't know Girl Talk. I am however going to risk insulting you a little bit (assuming you're aware of this) to tell you that

Girl Talk has a new album out called Feed The Animals and our friend Gregg Gillis and Illegal Art want you to name your price for the download.

That's right, like Radiohead's latest album In Rainbows you can pay $0 or more dollars for it. I know people who have paid for both of these albums so I don't know if I subscribe to the idea that "people will not pay if not required". To be frank, I paid $0.00 for the download because I can't afford music. I don't think music should be a commodity but if I hear somebody doing something good, I'll support them. I can't tell you if I'll buy Girl Talk's new album Feed The Animals when it becomes available in record stores but I can tell you there's a possibility. For now though, I'm enjoying it on the house. REALLY enjoying it.

Go download it, and be fair when you name your price. Not that I'm one to talk.

Click to download Feed The Animals

ps. my favourite track has to be "Set It Off" where he samples Jay-Z's Roc Boys over the intro to Radiohead's Paranoid Android. Pure magic.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

do you like feeling vaguely creeped out? i do

I just logged into my Youtube for the first time in FOREVER and was looking at the videos categorized in my Favourites. This is the best one that came up:

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatry

Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 things I wouldn't mind having

because they'd make me smile.

the first thing is from UO. the dress; I'm not sure.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

my scummy hipster dream has come true


So much eye candy to be scanned through. For the next month or so I'll be going through the archives. Don't expect me to leave the house. KIDDING. But seriously. Look:

I love my Mary-Kate's sweaty and strung-out

These two are BABES

Mischa your head looks stunning in this photo

Sorry but Aggy can do no wrong. Ever. I will always love her.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ta kewn

Speaking of Resort 2009 (see: a few posts below) MY FAVOURITE COLLECTION HAS BEEN THAKOON. Sorry for the caps but it had to be stressed (and I love to format).

LOOK. LOOK AT THAT. Look at the weird petal-y metallic skirt with the peach floaty top and look at that strange floral print skirt and look at that great mesh-y black sweatshirt. And, ok, most of all, look at the sheer nylon knee-highs. This must be said: I covet this look.

So last week, on a day off, I ventured to The Bay (lovely Canadian department store) and picked some up. They aren't quite as sheer but they do the trick. See:

just fyi: I'm REEEELY tall (5'10 like Cindy Crawford. Actually, 5'9.) so it's hard to get my whole self in a shot. See how I have to slouch? I bet you're sad you're missing the bow atop my ponytail. I am. Also, sorry for the sick outfit.

Also acquired on my shopping trip: white stockings. EVER since Betsey Johnson Fall 2007 RTW (ie: since Spring 2007) I have been DYING to rock white tights with white shoes and finally FOUND some opaque-ish white tights by Calvin Klein. Next purchase: white Keds.

How amazing is that last look amirite or amirite?

Monday, June 9, 2008

here's an apple with a tougher skin

I'm very sad but this song brightens things up a bit.

Love You
by The Free Design

Give a little time for the child within you,
don’t be afraid to be young and free.
Undo the locks and throw away the keys
and take off your shoes and socks, and run you.
La, la, la...

Run through the meadow and scare up the milking cows
Run down the beach kicking clouds of sand
Walk a windy weather day, feel your face blow away
Stop and listen: Love you.

Roll like a circus clown, put away your circus frown
Ride on a roller coaster upside down
Waltzing Matilda, Carey loves a kinkajou
Joey catch a kangaroo, hug you.

Dandelion, milkweed, silky on a sunny sky
Reach out and hitch a ride and float on by
Balloons down below catching colors of the rainbow
red, blue and yellow-green: I love you.

Bicycles, tricycles, ice cream, candy
lollipops, popsicles, licorice sticks
Solomon Grundy, Raggedy Andy
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, home free.

Cowboys and Indians, puppydogs and sandpails
Beachballs and baseballs and basketballs, too.
I love forget-me-nots, fluffernutters, sugarpops
I’ll hug you and kiss you and love you
La, la, la... Love you.

You can click here to download it

Ps. Do you know what a fluffernutter is? It's a peanut-butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. It's the best.

how does this make you vinegar? I mean feel

'Vinegar Bible' holds sweet story for N.S. town

Last Updated: Sunday, June 8, 2008 | 11:49 PM ET Comments26 Recommend53

The Vinegar Bible contains an antique typographical error. Vinegar should be vineyard.

"A famous Bible with a typographical error has made its way back to Nova Scotia after almost 300 years.

The "Vinegar Bible," so called because it contains a typographical error, substituting vinegar for vineyard in the Gospel of Luke, was unveiled at St. John's Anglican Church in Lunenburg, N.S., on Sunday.

Printed in 1717 by John Baskett, this particular Bible — one of three with the typo — is older than Halifax.

It was first brought to Lunenburg in the mid 1700s by a missionary, and was later bought by Nova Scotia politician and businessman Michael Francklin (1733-1782). It made its way back to England with Francklin in 1772, and while Francklin had it, he wrote 18 pages of handwritten notes in the book."

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Let me introduce you to a friend I've had for a while now: my very favourite dress! She is the most beloved piece in my wardrobe. If I could wear her every day, I would!
I got this dress at Value Village, for those not familiar it's a second-hand superstore in certain Canadian provinces and probably some states in the US too. Anyway, here she is. Pleased to meet you.

click clack to enlarge the beauty of this dress

I've made a

Friday, June 6, 2008

I covet

and I don't CARE that they're a hybrid of Doc Martens and German tourist's sandals.

(Marc by Marc Fall 2008 RTW)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema goes walking...

It's RESORT SEASON! Get out your sun hats and designer handbags to keep you company on your luxury cruise!

What is a Resort collection you ask?

Essentially it's a collection presented by some designers between their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections. It is also known as "smack" or "dope" to us junkies going through withdrawal from the aforementioned primary seasons. Thus, I present to you my drugs of choice:

Valentino: Flawless

Peter Som: not great by any means but this print was pretty.

Zac Posen: Again, not impressive. I only really dug this transparent little number.

Versace: I REALLY liked the beige and bright tangerine next to each other. Great graphic tee and interesting pants...

Helmut Lang: SO cool and wearable.

Chris Benz: Definitely one of my faves. Looooook at those colourrrrrrs!

Donna Karan: I don't know, it's all been done but she does it very well...

Michael Kors: Michael Kors made me puke. Honey I love you but HALE NO

Stella McCartney: This is what was said to Andrew upon seeing the collection:
stefanie says:
stefanie says:

In other words: so brilliant I almost posted every look but PAINFULLY cut it down to three for y'all

Marc Jacobs: The silhouettes were grotesque. Do not want. Will probably want when similar stuff shows up in his Spring 2009 Collection...Will probably not be able to help it...

Proenza Schouler: Boys it's been done to death to be honest...

Carolina Herrera: She is an absolute class act but some of the silhouettes made me sick. IE the latter photo.

Oscar de la Renta: GREAT gowns (as per usual) but the day dresses were pretty dull.

I left out a few ones that were "blah" and I left out Christian Dior and Chanel because they made me vom, you'll have to look those up on your own, friends...