Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ta kewn

Speaking of Resort 2009 (see: a few posts below) MY FAVOURITE COLLECTION HAS BEEN THAKOON. Sorry for the caps but it had to be stressed (and I love to format).

LOOK. LOOK AT THAT. Look at the weird petal-y metallic skirt with the peach floaty top and look at that strange floral print skirt and look at that great mesh-y black sweatshirt. And, ok, most of all, look at the sheer nylon knee-highs. This must be said: I covet this look.

So last week, on a day off, I ventured to The Bay (lovely Canadian department store) and picked some up. They aren't quite as sheer but they do the trick. See:

just fyi: I'm REEEELY tall (5'10 like Cindy Crawford. Actually, 5'9.) so it's hard to get my whole self in a shot. See how I have to slouch? I bet you're sad you're missing the bow atop my ponytail. I am. Also, sorry for the sick outfit.

Also acquired on my shopping trip: white stockings. EVER since Betsey Johnson Fall 2007 RTW (ie: since Spring 2007) I have been DYING to rock white tights with white shoes and finally FOUND some opaque-ish white tights by Calvin Klein. Next purchase: white Keds.

How amazing is that last look amirite or amirite?


Chip said...

the last look is so you I can't even take it

Fleurr De Lux said...

urrite, guns, urrite. white on white right on right (?)
i think your outfit is nice and i admire your see-it-like-it-go-get-it dedication to fashion.
ps walmart- great kicks for less than keds.

gossip girl

no ok itsme, meghan

elizabeth said...

sheer knee highs are THE SICKEST THING EVS. i am telling myself it's ok to wear in 99 degree heat because they aren't really there.

white tights are also one of the small pleasures in life..amer apparel makes pretty opaque ones as well.

also.:.5'9"?!? jelz.

Fallon said...

excellent white tights !!!

Anonymous said...

those thakoon stockings are fishnets and that sequined skirt is a skort.

Stefanie said...

omg thx anonymous, you sure showed me up in the ~FASHION GAME~

Dave said...

Stockings or fishnets? Either way they're my favorite.

Dick said...

stefanie, girl, calm down. i personally am really happy to know that that skirt's a skort. you're too sassy for the interweb.

i love that you had to explain your height, haha.

Dick said...

oh pee ess - your height is fantastic

Chip said...

ew its a skort i hate it