Saturday, February 2, 2013

Watching Felicity: Season 1, Episodes 1&2 — First Impressions

I had no idea what to expect from Felicity because I'd never watched it before and I think I was a little young for it when it first came out. I also don't think it caught on much in Canada. I remember seeing Keri Russel in the teen magazines I read at the time, like YM but I never really knew anything about what she was famous for (besides having curly hair, which is surprisingly uncommon in actresses).

I knew so little about Felicity that it wasn't until a week ago that I learned that the show was set in New York. This knowledge is what first piqued my interest since "young woman in the big city" things are my jam. Here are my first impressions after watching the first few episodes...

Felicity moved to the city for... a guy

When I first learned that this was the basis of the throwback TV series I had decided to watch, I was livid. First I was confused ("I can't possibly be understanding this correctly?") and then I was livid. How could they base a show on a seemingly smart girl following a guy she barely knows (by the way they've never spoken, well except for once) across the country to potentially win his heart? Ok, breathe. I'll try my best to get over this as I watch, but my initial reaction is "wtf."

Her parents

...are assholes! When she reveals her plans to nix her whole Stanford medical school education and move to New York, they're understandably shocked. What I don't get is when they threaten to disown her/ cut her off/ never speak to her again. These parents are just wrong. It's kind of disturbing.