Thursday, August 22, 2013

design inspiration for fall

In the fall, Stu is moving from Toronto back to Vancouver to finish up his degree and although I have a major sad about that ("it's only for 4 months!" is my mantra right now) I've been trying to focus on the positives. One cool thing is that I'll be living solo for the first time and thus will have my own room to design/decorate exactly as I see fit!

I've never been a "decorating" person before but as soon as the prospect of my very own space came into view, I became obsessed. I must have pinned 100 different ideas (yes, Pinterest. Don't hate, it's an excellent tool) in the span of a month. I thought I'd organize my thoughts in an inspiration post so I can focus my intentions for my fall space.

Gallery Walls

right: photo from Design*Sponge, left: photo from

I'm a big believer in using space from floor to ceiling because I think it makes a room look bigger, and also more lived-in. It's for that reason that I love gallery walls. Is there any better way to display a large collection of art (and I use art loosely, because I definitely don't have an expensive collection. Mine is more like magazine clippings, drawings from friends, etc.) while making your space look cool and eclectic?

All White With Wood Accents

right: photo from Ikea Family Live, left: photo from Interiors

Aren't all-white walls and furniture and plush rugs just so pretty? White opens up a room, makes it feel airy and inviting and it's such an excellent blank canvas just ready to be decorated. I'm most drawn to white rooms that have wood accents like tables, chair legs, stools, benches and the like. They make a white room so cozy.


right: photo from Domino Magazine, left: photo from Freunden Von Freunden

There was a time when this method of decorating/storing magazines and books would be considered totally hoarder-y, but for some reason these days I find it very cute and contemporary. It has that air of not trying too hard while still trying (I mean, you kind of have to try to put stuff in piles, right?) and it's a great way to display old magazines and coffee table books you still want to keep. Love the flower pot on top of the stack, too.