Wednesday, June 4, 2008

tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema goes walking...

It's RESORT SEASON! Get out your sun hats and designer handbags to keep you company on your luxury cruise!

What is a Resort collection you ask?

Essentially it's a collection presented by some designers between their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections. It is also known as "smack" or "dope" to us junkies going through withdrawal from the aforementioned primary seasons. Thus, I present to you my drugs of choice:

Valentino: Flawless

Peter Som: not great by any means but this print was pretty.

Zac Posen: Again, not impressive. I only really dug this transparent little number.

Versace: I REALLY liked the beige and bright tangerine next to each other. Great graphic tee and interesting pants...

Helmut Lang: SO cool and wearable.

Chris Benz: Definitely one of my faves. Looooook at those colourrrrrrs!

Donna Karan: I don't know, it's all been done but she does it very well...

Michael Kors: Michael Kors made me puke. Honey I love you but HALE NO

Stella McCartney: This is what was said to Andrew upon seeing the collection:
stefanie says:
stefanie says:

In other words: so brilliant I almost posted every look but PAINFULLY cut it down to three for y'all

Marc Jacobs: The silhouettes were grotesque. Do not want. Will probably want when similar stuff shows up in his Spring 2009 Collection...Will probably not be able to help it...

Proenza Schouler: Boys it's been done to death to be honest...

Carolina Herrera: She is an absolute class act but some of the silhouettes made me sick. IE the latter photo.

Oscar de la Renta: GREAT gowns (as per usual) but the day dresses were pretty dull.

I left out a few ones that were "blah" and I left out Christian Dior and Chanel because they made me vom, you'll have to look those up on your own, friends...


Chip said...



Dana said...

for once marc jacobs made something ugly.

Fleurr De Lux said...

I luuuurrrve resort. I'm still not over the Chanel resort hiiiigh patent gladiators of . . . was that last year? The fact that the knockoffs are in the window of Paramix does nothing to damper my love.

Dave said...

she looks like Joey from Blossom

Dick said...

so sue me, i like the pink mj power-dress

i don't know what else to call it

those shoulders are great and that fabric is so neat

yours truly,
richard, lover of all things tacky

Brittany said...

(is awesome. i agree.)

"made me vom" made me LOLLLL.

Brittany said...

another thing i really liked, but forgot to mention...

the labels:
and then.
"not fierce."

and then.