Sunday, June 29, 2008

a very very very fine house

This post is all about where I'm moving come August. To those who are wondering, my school is called Lasalle College of design. The city I'm living in is New Westminster which is 30 minutes by skytrain from downtown. A few things about my walk around New West today:

-People seem to really really like pink vehicles.

This last photo was what happened when I attempted to snap a lady RIDING A BUBBLEGUM PINK VESPA WEARING A FULL BUBBLEGUM PINK GETUP COMPLETE WITH A GLOSSY PINK HELMET. I miss that lady. A girl after my own heart.

-Mannequins seem to be more ~crazy in love~ here than in any other window display in Winnipeg.

-Artichokes seem to be for decoration only.

-Class seems to be in abundance.
"I owe a lot to BC pot"

So there you have it. I also took a little video tour of the condo for my friends/family in Winnipeg but I'll post it here too because it's REALLY REALLY WELL DONE. Just kidding.

if you find that I'm speaking reeeeeaaaaaaally slowly, it's not because I owe a lot to BC pot, I was just concentrating REALLY hard.


Chip said...

f**k you

Stefanie said...


Anonymous said...

You will see that "owe a lot to BC pot" stuff every where, stickers & graffiti! Have you seen any "riot 2010" yet? They're everywhere too but people are spray painting "riot 420" over them lol.

Anonymous said...

your condo is very nice! oh man and what a view, ahaha ;]

natalie said...

with two cats in the yard
i think those are hens and chicks, not artichokes! we have them

Brittany said...

i love you.
and your documentary stylings.

please don't leave me.

ArtSchoolReviews said...

Hey Steph,

That's a lot of pink! We were wondering if you'd like to contribute to our website and share your LaSalle experience since you should be just about done now.

Come check us out!