Monday, October 20, 2008

it's nice to know not everybody is a lunatic

Okay I had to remove the video because I couldn't get it not to auto-play but here's the link. It's basically this lunatic McCain supporter who is telling everyone at the rally that Obama is a muslim extremist. THEN a bunch of Republicans at the rally come together to burn the crazy guy pretty bad. OWNED.

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I think it's time to bring back the meme, seeing as how the American election is fast approaching. Barack Obama told me to tell you hello.


Dave said...

"I am NOT a racist!"

Chip said...

lol "i see how the media distorts things"

like the fact that Obama is a muslim for instance? rofl

Chris Banana said...

there was a crazy preacher that went to my school for like 4 hours every day every year i was there that was like this. except he told us we were all going to hell and all women were whores. but he looked like this guy. and never shut up. o no the memories are coming back 2 me now.