Monday, October 20, 2008

once upon a time... a land far, far away, the fabulous Marina of Still Better And Worse tagged me to do this thing where you take all the music you have on your computer (or iPod) and put it on shuffle. Using the first song that comes on as inspiration, you have to create an outfit. I'm not usually much for taking outfit photos and was totally planning on cheating but I'm sort of a perfectionist with a really guilty conscience so I had to do it right.
AND GUESS WHICH SONG I GOT: Cross Bones Style by Cat Power. I got Cat Power, the very artist after whom this blog was named!(sup fancy grammar?). So I thought "ok, Cat Power in her early days; what would she wear?" and this is what I came up with:

I think in the blog world when you post pictures of an outfit you have to say what each piece of clothing is. I wouldn't want to break blogger etiquette so: t-shirt underneath from Urban Outfitters, Flannel shirt from Value Village second-hand store, Pants from I really forget sorry, shoes are chuck taylor's. Did I do it right?

I sort of took the look from this photo, and her video for Cross Bones Style (which is a great song with a weird video so you should watch it):

According to the meme I'm supposed to tag like 2 or 3 people which seems like a bit of a pain but I'll tag Megs and Lana @ Tjejsajten and Andrew @ Pull Teeth because I know they'll have lots of fun with this (and all three of them are scarily photogenic so taking outfit photos will be a cakewalk). And for kicks, I'll tag Brittany too because I miss her posts and she needs to show me some of her latest H&M finds.


Fleurr De Lux said...

oh shit i like the sounds of thissss!!!

<3 M

but i bet lana likes the sounds of it too

<3 L

Chip said...




Stefanie said...

It's your own for having Venga Boys songs on your computer.

(yes I grant you permission for a re-do)

Brittany said...


i will indeed 'give this a whirl' (IDK) when i get back to the peg as i have not a whole closet to work with here in ontarioland.

p.s. meg, i like your style.

Marina said...

very Power-ful. hardiddly. :D
also: that video always reminds me of Lucky Star by Madonna for some reason.....