Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Seth Rogen,

Last night you were in my dream. You were riding a sweet bicycle and wearing your glasses and this adorbs newsboy cap and I just wanted to put you in my pocket and keep you forever.

Wait, it wasn't a dream:


Amy said...

just try and convince me that doesn't look exactly like jeff armstrong

Mike said...

hes pretty cute tbh

extraordinary machine said...

you're too much!

too much good!

Dave said...

Yup, definitely Jeff A

Fleurr De Lux said...

yeahhh so cute. love it.
go see zack and miri make a porno and you can see him in more than an adorbs newsboy cap (or less?)

Anonymous said...

i really do think he is absolutely adorable! i love chubsters :D

-melissa anne

Stefanie said...

omg it DOES look kinda like Jeff. Tell him to call me.

Chip said...

hi from my iPhone

Amy said...

i feel like my crush on mr. armstrong is finally making sense to you.

but wait. tell him to call YOU?

if you've been using me all this time just to get to probably could've found a much more direct route.

OH. and also. you're dead to me.

(just when i thought the "me + jeff = love forever" comments had come to an end...)

Dave said...

Chill ladies, Jeff A has a legit GF now (who also happens to be my roommate... oh snap.. slumber parties!).

Also just so you know Jeff has been approached on the street and in bars by people commenting on how much he looks like this dude (for real, the count is at 7 right now). He's blowing up as a Seth Rogan look-a-like!!

white lightning said...

i loved this lil chubster in 40 yr old virg, and then i was like, iF I SEE HIS FACE AGAIN I WILL PUKE (overexposure much?) but now..i have to say..kinda adorbz

Anonymous said...

omg he's too cute.
have you seen zack and miri make a porno yet? sooo funny!! i love him.