Monday, November 17, 2008

he's gonna make it after allll (throw hat in air)

GUESS who's going to be a webcam guest on the Hills Aftershow TONIGHT?

None other than my bestie ANDREW C. OF PULL TEETH FAME! If only I was in Winnipeg right now! You better tune in tonight after the show to see him sitting at his webcam asking Audrina some ~questions~

I lub u bb and miss u :(

lol ~friendship post~


Purple City said...

Andrew you are a star! i will be watching attentively!!

Dave said...

Ask someone, anyone, why Daryn Jones is such a d-bag and how he still has a job...

Fleurr De Lux said...

i love this post. you two make me so happy!
i'll tune in for sure.

Chip said...

you mean you wish you were in NY

pesik said...

i had beirut goin while i went through that little stef slash andrew montage and nearly shed several tears

extraordinary machine said...

Please tell me Andrew lied about being in NYC just to get an appearance on the Aftershow.

I never ever watch the aftershow, but I have to say I did tune in last night.


Alex A. said...

BFF. cute.

Anonymous said...

he's super cute!
so i have to ask, why didn't you two ever hook up? just besties or is andrew gay (no offense to andrew of course if he's not) lol.