Friday, November 28, 2008


Remember when Chris March (designer/contestant on Project Runway Season 4, the SECOND BEST season after Season 2 (the one with Santino, Daniel Vosovic and ANDRAAAAAAEEE)) made some pieces in his final collection using human hair? How FUCKING AWESOME was that? Susie Bubble's latest post about clothing made with hair reminded me of that great moment in PR history. Observe:

So fucking awesome.

Also, upon googling the hair-clothes, I turned up another creation of his that is worth mentioning: his bedazzled Vaseline jar:

So fucking awesome version 2.0


Chip said...

I feel okay about human hair clothes but Chris' was not that good imo... like it was there for the shock value but nothing else..

Well actually there was a skirt that was cool

Ryan said...

Soo costumey

Sweat Pea FTW!