Friday, November 14, 2008

like the boys

Yesterday was a special day in consumerism:

1. Starbucks launched their holiday campaign (which means new crack-like addictive drinks and cute red cups with snowflakes on them! And polar bear cookies!)

2. Comme des Garcons for H&M opened

I didn't get the chance to work the opening shift OR to wait in line because I had school (and a Costume History project to present) but I did get off the train one stop early (basically right in front of H&M) so I could snap a few photos of the line-up.

The first time I worked in the morning (before we officially open) I stood at this door and knocked for 5 minutes until somebody came to get me and tell me I should phone the back office to get them to let me in next time. The second time, they were having their morning meeting right near the door and the manager didn't recognize me :( woe

The line at about 9am, 1 hour before we open.

An old man asked me if it was a sale

The Comme des Garcons t-shirt I had to wear when I worked yesterday evening. I hate uniforms.

I really wanted to check out the drop-crotch pants and get a polka dot scarf so I ventured over on my lunch break. There were a million staff around and I asked them if my pants and scarf were left, but they weren't. All that was left was really plain button-up oxford shirts and a $200 trench coat. I didn't know people in Vancouver liked drop-crotch pants?!

p.s. check out Susie Bubble's lovely video blog on the London opening


Ryan said...

Stefanie. Don't be silly. Everyone loves a good drop-crotch pant. I own seven.
I totally tracked the New York opening on Twitter feeds - your fashion forwards types are crazy (and I love it).
Now I'm off to sell some modest outdoor lifestyle clothing at the Eddie B. Thats right, I'm back there for Christmas.

Chip said...

oi oi oi

it willl be interesting to see if people actually wear the pants

Chip said...

Also I've been to the Regent street location she was filming in (A)

Emma said...

I love those cookies from Starbucks SO MUCH.

Fleurr De Lux said...

I am dreading working tomorrow all day for the launch of the peppermint mocha twist/gingersnaplatte/espresso truffle mayhem. at least we get to wear red aprons?
can we swap jobs?


pesik said...

my hoodie is from h&m and i love it
...i dont know if this comment was helpful or not, but it was the only relevant thing i had to say

Lydia said...

First of all, you live in van!!!??!
This means I could hypothetically bump into you at H&M when I journey out from Abbotsford to Vancouver.

Secondly, Eggnog lattes=good times.
Lucky for me, drinks are free when I'm working. Oh, starbucks will undoubtly fatten me up this holiday season.