Friday, November 7, 2008


so I forgot to tell y'all (I'm so ~private~) that I got a job at H&M! My first day was ummmm last Thursday and shit's pretty legit. It has been my favourite store since I was in grade 10 and I never dreamed I would work there but alas here I am! I'm in the Men's department (the best department ever, everyone tries to get transfered there) and it's basically just folding and tidying all the clothes that people mess up. It's definitely a no-brainer.

NEXT THURSDAY November 13th, the Comme des Garcons line comes out!!! I wish I could work it because it seems so exciting but I have class that day. I do however have to work a closing shift which means I have to clean up the disaster that crazy fashionphiles leave after tearing through it. I'm SURE you've seen the photos all over every blog:

FUN FACT: When I went for my interview they asked me if I knew which designer collaboration they had coming up. Of course I did so I told them and added that I'm so excited because it looks so great. They were like "?!?! You've seen it?" and I said "Ya it's all over the blogs!" and they were like omg.


Fleurr De Lux said...

Richard and I think it's fucking COOL that you're working there.
Discounts ?

Anonymous said...

H&M needs to come down to FL please and thank yooooou
but congrats on the job!!

-melissa anne

Amy said...

you got the job! i feel like that interview was FOREVER ago. congratulations stef jezzzzzzzzzzz

Chip said...

whats an h&m

Carol said...

Congratulations on the new job, Stef! Why aren't there more H & Ms in the world, i.e. Winnipeg?

I loooove Comme Des Garcons, but the image in the middle of the photo, the one with the dumpy pants, troubles me: Just what is she keeping in there? Plastic bags? Potato chips? A week's worth of poo?

O Fashionista, please advise.

Marina said...


Mike said...

theyre getting it at your store?
it hoguht it was onyl goign to totornto and montreal?