Saturday, November 29, 2008

seriously you guys

I have a little bit of a confession to make; there's this dream of mine that I think about every day. I kid you not, every single day I think about it. Each day when I read the free newspaper on the train to school, I turn to the very last page, the FlightCenter seat-sales page, and I see that a plane to Vegas costs $99 round-trip.

You see, my biggest dream is to go to Vegas to see Cher's live show.

I don't know why but ever since...forever, I've loved Cher. Moonstruck and Mermaids are among my top 10 favorite movies and everything about her early days fascinates me. According to one review of her show, there are SEVENTEEN COSTUME CHANGES. That means SEVENTEEN BOB MACKIE MASTERPIECES


Is this turning into a "gay interests" blog? Cause I'm not gay but I do have Cher.


white lightning said...

1. everyone should love cher

2. you need a 'gay interests' tag

3. gypsies tramps and thieves is an all time favorite of mine.

Dick said...

cher's the shit. i watched moonstruck on bravo today, and when it was over i watched the witches of eastwick on peachtree. no joke!

Anonymous said...

you would love this teacher who made a "cher chair". yes, it had cher pictures glued onto it, and kids had to "share" on it.

Ryan said...

Cher it too gay interest for me. And I had a dream last night that I went for dinner with Liza Minelli...

Stefanie said...

E: the "gay interests" tag has been put into action.

R: TV is a magical place and sometimes Peachtree actually gets it RIGHT. Rarely.


R: Maybe Cher just isn't Broadway enough for you. We'll never understand each other.

Carol said...

Cher should be the new Secretary of State of Mind.