Thursday, March 27, 2008

look at me look at me look at me

At the beginning of march or end of February sometime, we sold our house and my parents bought one in New Westminster, BC. That's close to Vancouver for those of you who aren't familiar. Okay, I lied, they didn't buy a house. We aren't millionaires. Seriously, houses in Vancouver/surrounding areas cost upwards of a million dollars. It's sick. They bought this awesome apartment/condo. Want to see? Look

I really like it. My parents are moving to Vancouver and staying in my dad's apartment on April 17th until the possession date, April 30th. That is so soon. That is crazy. I'm going to be living with my favourite aunt who lives by herself in a great house in Wolseley. It's really close to work and I'm going to be staying there until August when I move in with my parents. In the mean time, can the snow please melt so we can ride bikes?

Here have a song you crazies


Dave said...

The condo looks awesome!

I can't wait till you conform to B.C style.

Stefanie said...

i will never conform to bc style
bc style is bunk