Monday, March 30, 2009

Breaking the silence

What better way to end blog-strike 2009 (not on purpose lol) than a delicious photo of Justin Timberlake with beard and glasses?


Chip said...

to answer your question... anything else

Ryan said...

Every time I see those glasses on him, I feel though they don't fit him properly. And it drives me nuts.

Ryan said...

Every time I see those glasses on him, I feel as though they do not fit him properly. It drives me nuts.

melissa anne said...

magically delicious? indeed.

April said...


Tjejsajten said...

I really don't like JT but I love beards. When I look at this photo my affection for beards kind of cancels out my hate for JT.

That's my two cents.


white lightning said...

for a ssec i thought this was skinny seth rogan.

not sure what that means for anyone invloved but there ya go.

Just Like Honey said...

I don't think Justin is sexy, but I think he is sweet, however he needs to steer clear from the nsync hair - dangerous territory!

Really love your blog, good choice with the Enid picture too.