Thursday, December 16, 2010


Elle Fanning in Interview Magazine

So looking forward to seeing Somewhere, the new Sofia Coppola movie with Elle Fanning playing Stephen Dorff's daughter; I've never met a Sofia movie I didn't like. I think she looks so lovely and pure in these photos from Interview.


HayleyFrancesBethell said...

beautiful .. said...

Happy New Year!

kyki said...

I do rather enjoy your blog. :) I will be following it as soon as I've posted this comment.
It's nice to see fellow Canadians kickin' serious ass in the blogosphere.
Thanks for brightening my day!

- kyki xx


Bethany Kellen said...

so 1. i saw somewhere. it was very very pretty.
2. those minnetonkas are too big on me too! i'd suggest sizing down and maybe getting a narrow width. i know amazing (where i got them from) they had numerous options. i'm putting insoles in mine soon.

Antonia said...

Love this shoot! She looks adorable. The hair and makeup is perfection.