Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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I've always been a Liv Tyler fan, haven't you? She's just so freaking pretty and seems so sweet and and and her dad is Steven Tyler! What's cooler than that? Did you know she didn't know who her father was until her mother (the beautiful mother Bebe Buell) took her to an Aerosmith concert and she met Steven Tyler. Apparently she was like "Dude! I look a lot like that guy, but in a girl body? This is weird Mom..." and her mom fessed up. I made up that quote but you get the idea.

What was I saying? OH Liv Tyler! Beyond the fact that she's gorgeous, she also has pretty awesome style. One of my favourite episodes of Rachel Zoe Project was when Rachel brought racks and racks of clothes to Liv's place and they just had a little try-on sesh. It was cool because instead of gowns it was all these really chic casual clothes and it gave you an insight into the other side of styling (usually RZ Proj is all about formal events which can get boring). I always think of Rachel Zoe now when I see Liv Tyler wearing some killer outfits but I want to make sure credit goes to both parties because I think Liv also has great personal style. I am obsessed with this letterman jacket and black leather skirt combo. Only a perfect human woman can wear a jacket draped over her shoulders and not look like a dank...Observe:

Amazing, no? And now I leave you with some awesome screenshots of Liv and Alicia Silverstone in daddy's video for Crazy. I'm sure it was established when this first hit the airwaves but it is SO CREEPY that Steven Tyler has a video for his band where his DAUGHTER pole dances? Either way this video cracks me up every time.


Bethany Kellen said...

she's a super babe!

aliciafashionista said...

I "saw" her in NYC one time and by saw her, I mean she was in a park with a friend and I thought her friend was her. So I got a ton of pics of Liv Tyler's friend and kid. Honestly, what a sneaky move hanging out with someone who looks just like you! Apparently she was wearing a beautiful floral maxi dress, not that I saw it. She's so awesome!

stu said...

That looks like a really fancy letterman jacket! Needa get me one of those

LCP said...

i loved this soo much!!!! she's my idol!

Andrew said...

yeah the varsity jacket + leather skirt thing is too good

katina texted me today and said "Liz Taylor "died" and I read it as "Liv Tyler" at first..... true story