Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dove 'Real Beauty Sketches' Campaign Assures Women That We're More Conventionally Beautiful Than We Think (Scoff)

Here's the premise of Dove's latest "Real Beauty" campaign: women are asked to sit down with a forensic sketch artist who can't see them. He asks them questions about their own appearance and then draws them based on their description. He then sits down with somebody who has recently met them and asks the stranger to describe the woman they just met. Then the sketches are "revealed."

Spoiler alert: the sketches based on the womens' own descriptions of themselves are much more conventionally ugly than the sketches based on the descriptions of strangers. WOW. The women cry. They say [paraphrased] "I guess I am beautiful."

Luckily we have a corporation to assure us women, whose looks matter a great deal, that we are much more conventionally beautiful than we think.


byClaudiaRocha said...

Loved it! Great insight to women's self-esteem


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