Friday, December 19, 2008

the fruits of my labour

This is my 200th post! And it's a special, celebratory post. This is regarding the reason posting has been kind of slow this past few weeks: SCHOOL HOMEWORK PROJECTS FINISHING THE FIRST SEMESTER OF FASHION SCHOOL. Before I started, I had no experience with drawing/painting at ALL. I drew people with heads that were 1/4 of their bodies (in case you can't tell, like I couldn't, that's very WRONG and disproportionate...) I honestly sucked and had no confidence in my abilities but with the help of an amazingly talented illustration teacher, my drawing/painting is on the up and up! I learned so much in just the first week with her. You can't teach talent (and I don't think I have the "it" factor when it comes to drawing) but you can teach skills. So here are some pictures of my final projects for Costume History and Illustration classes. I AM SO RELIEVED I'M FINISHED MY FIRST SEMESTER YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Click to enlarge these bad boyz

Costume History: We had to design two looks inspired by three different historical periods. I chose Early Europe (medieval), Greek and Rococo (18th Century, think Marie Antoinette). See above for some pictures of the influences. These were done with marker.

Illustration: We had to design a collection of 5 swimsuits based on one of two themes that we chose in class. It was between "Nautical" and "Vegas". I had to pick the two themes because nobody in my class is decisive. I did Vegas. These were with watercolour.

(I love this bitch, she's my fave)

(I don't like this girl's face...)

Costume History (again): Design two looks based on the Empire period (think empire waists, floaty sheer fabric)

anyways, I'm pretty proud with how it all turned out despite having to pull some late nights and stuff. I can't wait to get better and start to develop my own style of fash illustration.


Chip said...

the last pic is SO fierce, I love the tiny little bag

I'm so proud of my bb girl :') I didn't really know your drawing skills before but these are really, really good!

lou said...

great job! i'm super jealous of the fashion school, and the job at h&m! so pretty much, what i'm tryin to say is, way to be awesome in every way

Purple City said...

i like your fruits

Brigitte Plouffe said...

oh stef! this makes me so excited, i wish i was in your course! we don't get to anything like you do!

zzzzzz said...

these are fantastic!

Dave said...

Way to not be a quitter.

discothequechic said...

your course sounds really interesting!

the pictures are ahhwsome.. this post has really inspired me to bloody well do some college work.

and the drawings are great, you're so right about being taught skills and not talent. I'm similar with one of my art subjects, I think it's a good way of looking at it.

Merry Christmas!

Chris Banana said...

this is so interesting i kinda wanna do it for fun!