Tuesday, December 2, 2008

window-Christmas-shopping for friends, version 1.0

I got sucked into FredFlare.com again. I have decided that Fred Flare is the antithesis of the "economic crisis" because it only sells the most TRIVIAL and UNNESSESARY things, ie: luxuries. And because, unlike with the economy, I actually WANT to spend time thinking about Fred Flare.

I was feeling generous and thoughtful this evening so I decided to pick out "Christmas presents" for my friends. Disclaimer guys: you aren't going to find these wrapped up and under your tree this year. I wish that A) I had a credit card with which to shop on the interwebz and B) I could afford to purchase all these lovely things for you. I hope just seeing them and knowing that I was thinking of you is enough (until we meet irl again at Christmas break).
ENJOY, in anti-alphabetical order:

Jeanine: Lovely, whimsical blouse because it screams YOU. Peacock feather earrings because either I lost one of them when I borrowed them or YOU lost one of them because your ear holes are big. Can't remember!

Chantal: Rollerskates with pink weels because they look just like your skating skates and remind me of you. Cutest dress because the sweetheart neckline is your fave and cherry red is your colour.

Bryn: Tennis racket cover with lame expression on it for when you're at Wimbledon. You could even put your badminton racket in it! Weird navy/shiny brocade dress because it's awesome and reminded me of your grad dress but more every-day appropriate.

Andrew: Fake mustaches because you can't grow the real thing (and desperately wish you could!) and a Holga. Because, duh, you dream of Holga.

I just KNOW I'll be trolling Fred Flare the next spare minute I get so maybe I'll make some window-shopping-gifts for my favourite bloggers. Stay tuuuuuuuuuuned


Twizzle said...

love it

PS this is channie

Annyong said...


for the kind kind gift.
ill be expecting it anyday.
so beautiful. you know me so well

ps: i NEED that raquet cover.

Chip said...

Perf-tini! lmao. If I could get a holga it would probably be that one so ty for choosing the correct one.

melissa anne said...

i want those mustaches for michael! he is always trying to convince me to let him grow some facial hair so maybe if i get some fake facial hair he'll be satisfied.
ALSO: i still really want that buttered toast wallet. and ice cream cone lamp.

Katina said...

I was flipping through my H&M magazine today and being totally jealous of you.

zzzzzz said...

omg! soo great!

Carol said...

This is great-- It could become the next interwebz phenomenon-- imaginary wishables for your friends. And the theme of the website would be this: