Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Actually just one, sorry to get your hopes up. Heeeeeeeere it is:

I really enjoy blogs that recap shows that I DO NOT WATCH. I don't know what it is, maybe it's because TV is absolutely ridonk these days or maybe it's because the people who do epic recaps make me pee my pants with their comments but I THINK IT'S A BIT OF BOTH. Plus I love visual stimuli and obv recap posts come equipped with screen shots of the funniest looks given by cast members.

Some of my faves are:

Elizabeth's (White Lightning) recaps of Gossip Girl. YEAH I DON'T WATCH GOSSIP GIRL. Oh what's that? You thought I did because I can totally carry on conversations about Chuck and Blair and Jenny and that lil boy and I always know what ugly outfit/hairstyle/expression/EVERYTHING Serena had this week? It's all because of this girl who not only makes me pee with every recap but also with every BLOG ENTRY. Also she thinks I'm pretty so I was basically forced to feature her in this post. KITTING!

Andrew's (Pull Teeth aka my best friend aka my brother/sister) recaps of the City. Ok I admit I do watch this show although not as consistently as Andrew, which is one of the reasons why I rely on his recaps. Another reason: his fascination and love for NEVAN!!!! who is also my favourite.

and lastly, Tracie Egan, Jezebel writer and lover of Judge Judy, Bad Girls Club, The View and child-pageant reality television. I like her because she has the weirdest taste in television and can always fill me in on Judge Judy and the View since I can't ever watch them because I have SCHOOL.


Chip said...

Now I feel guilty for not going a cap this week... OOPS

extraordinary machine said...

I also missed Andrew's recap of The City this week. I feel like reading them is better than watching the actual TV shows.

I am so excited to creep on your friend's Gossip Girl re-caps. I am an avid fan/hater of the show, and feel good about when people talk about it in public.

To recap, I think you're good.

white lightning said...

1. thank you. i love you. you ARE VERY PRETTY.

2. creepy?

3. nevan is THE BEST PART of the city. he is james spader.

4. GG recpas will be back in ful effect. i have been so lame as of late.