Tuesday, February 17, 2009

markus jaycubs

I can't help but feel like Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 RTW collection was somehow inspired by Lady Gaga.

I also can't help but die of amazement because I love it so fucking much.


You are hereby invited to my funeral February 20 at the first day of London Fashion Week. There will be canap├ęs and pink cocktails. Lady Gaga may or may not be reading my eulogy.

[EDIT] BONUS LATEST SNAP OF LADY GAGA o u know just running some errands, havin trouble fitting her shoulders through doors no biggie really


Ryan said...

I loooveee this.

Dana said...

this is too amusing to disagree.

Chip said...

I didn't like it.... oops

there are a few pieces I really liked but idk oops

I think I'm one of the only

Katina said...

I don't like Gaga.