Sunday, October 25, 2009


As much as I tried not to resort to ugly yellow-border watermarked Just Jared photos, I had to because they were the biggest and best available to showcase the wonderment that was BLAIR MEESTER AT THE LOUIS VUITTON SPRING 2010 SHOW IN PARIS, FRANCE, EUROPE, WORLD, UNIVERSE.

One time a really drunk girl in a dive bathroom told me I look like Leighton Meester and all at once I was like OMG THANK YOU and OMG I DON'T THOUGH. I really really really don't at ALL and I'm not saying that cause I have low self-esteem but because I look completely different. But it was a nice thought!

Anyway tangent aside, can we just talk about her shoes and sox combo? SO pretty. Want to wear now. And I'm so jealous that she doesn't look weird and lumpy when she belts a vest over her dress. My much larger chest area completely abolishes that prospect for me, unfortunately.

The Meest has a history of floral, albeit much crazier, pieces. Check Her Braveness out at the Met Costume Gala:

Kinda scary, no?


Chip said...

Ohhh honey I loved her at the Met Costume Gala.. best dresses IMO, or at least that I can remember

She wears some pretty crazy stuff sometimes but I really appreciate her effort. I remember thinking the socks should've either been longer or shorter when I originally saw this look.. but now I'm kind of into it

Katina said...

I think her street style/red carpet style is pretty hit or miss but she was like THE ONLY ONE to take a risk at the MET Ball and she knocked it out of the park, in my opinion.
but yeah she looks really cute here.

Nyk Bielak said...

im so lost, but all this talk of costumes and balls makes me excited for halloween.

its nice to see your back.