Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just pretend I was never gone

Sooooooooooo ummmmmmmmmmm lets pretend my blog didn't go away for like half a year can we? Good.
I'm a littttttle ashamed that this picture of Lindsay Lohan made me restart my blog but the WHOLE truth is I've been planning a bit of a comeback for a while now cause I miss this thing so bad.
Can we just focus on Lilo tho:

Okay so obviously not everything about this is good (like how her shirt unfortunately says "Avant Garde") but the overall this is LINDSAY and fabulous and looks totally comfy. The love of comfy is something I share with Lohan.

I've decided this fall (I can't even begin to call it Winter yet, it's been so nice in Vancouver and will prob continue to be well into November (knock on wood)) I'm going to live in leggings. I literally had a dream about wearing these high-waist leggings:

here: http://store.americanapparel.ca/rnt349.html?cid=905

Do you guys ever have fashion dreams? I have them sooooo much. So next time you see me I just might be wearing these (and maybe a crop top...)



Chip said...

OMG I'm shaking and crying rn...

I have fashin dreams all the time. Lindsay looks like shit there tho

carly. said...

welcome back you is right!

i missed it...when i saw 'keep your guns at home' in my new posts list i had to remember who it was, and then freaked!

post more please.

Brigitte Plouffe said...

what about THIS picture of lilo?


i died.


Katina said...

hi welcome back sweetheart
I don't like Lindsay's always leggings-ness. But I do love her unconditionally.

white lightning said...


altho i feel like you are blogging in my MIND, mainly bc i can twittertalktoyou. and steve.

ps can we have a deep long discussion abt what we think steve loooks like? thx

Anonymous said...

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