Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mixed bag of magic

WELP my wireless router is broken so I haven't been able to blog regularly from the comfort of my laptop but I thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I GOTTA BE ME so I decided to try blogging from the family PC.
1st Problem Encountered: Keyboard keeps changing to French Canadian setting and my apostrophes become èèèèèèèèèèèèè those


- Bad Romance is the best video ever. Not going to do a recap or anything but bff Andrew (aka PULLTEETH) has some awesome screencaps on his blog. My favourite one:

bearskin rug turned coat-with-train
P.S. Still think the song itself is pretty lackluster but the video makes me like it more. Can we bring back Much Music video dances? You know, tweens all in a community center gym dancing while music videos play on a huge projector? Ya?

- I have a GoogleWave invite on its way to my inbox!!!! (FINALLY)

- I got the best new ring, now my profanity is a gift to you!

- Stu is in Hawaii for 9 days because his sister is getting Mauiied (ew sorrrrrrrrrry). I'm not going because I've never met her and I'm also broke. BUT HEY LOOK HOW CUTE WE ARE WITH OUR MATCHING JOE FRESH SUNNIES

- This clown is coming to visit me in Vancouver in 23 SLEEPS BITCHES oh AND we have VIP SECOND ROW SEATS TO GAGA'S MONSTER BALL. WUT.

- I'm making it my MISSION to become this girl.
Need: Hair, shades, fur coat, chanel tshirt, metal sequin encrusted underneath-thing. OK I THINK I CAN DO THE HAIR, I'M ON MY WAY

- Also, I still need a job.


Chip said...

that girl is FOINE

Monster Ball(s) is going to be epic omg.. le blog de betty aint got shit on me. do you have your outfit coming together yet?~ HMMM!?!!!

That picture of u and stu is kawaiicrepe

Lydia said...

I 100% agree about Bad Romance, in fact I was singing it the rest of the day after seeing the insanely epic video. I'm jealous that you get to go to Monster's Ball!

Katina said...

I'm jealous about you guys seeing gaga but you guys can just keep Andrew on the west coast there.

rL said...

that train on gaga's coat is TOTALLY falcore from neverending story.

London Shirts said...

That coat in the last pic looks great!