Sunday, November 1, 2009

my shoes let me show you them VERSION 2.0

Remember these shoes? Well if you do the math, it has been over a year since I've had them and I've worn them a LOT. I've worn them so much that they were scuffed up and starting to look ratty and I was starting to not want to wear them anymore. Also they're slightly too big so I have to wear them with thick grandpa socks (which is ok on cold days!). So I decided to take matters into my own hands and PAINT THEMMMMMM!

I started off with the plan to mix up a grey that matched and just retouch them a little bit but when I ran out of black acrylic paint I had to think on my feet (PUNNNNN). The grey was definitely not dark enough yet so I decided to just run with it! I painted the front part and then the back heel part using the stitching as my guide. Then I got into detailing and did the trim! It was hella fun. TAKE A LOOK:

Before (sort of before...before they got all scuffed up):



So cute right? I plan on painting them different colours when this colour scuffs and to just keep painting them until they fall apart because I love these shoes!


Emma said...

I like these. They are pretty. Good job.

Mike Choi said...

looks profesh.

Chip said...

Pink next! so qt

John Curran said...

I love the result.
But if they were only scuffed up, and you didn't have a problem with the color, why not just take them to be polished?

Stefanie said...

Cause I don't believe in polishing! No I don't know, they were pretty bad, the leather was scratched off and I don't think polishing would have helped much!