Thursday, February 4, 2010

kinda bad

Just wanted to drop by and give my OFFICIAL OPINION in on this very important issue:


Verdict: Hate hate hate. I think they're completely ugs and I am not looking forward to them becoming the next Atacomas:

Because I liked the Atacomas and I HATE THESE GROSS PILES OF GARBAGE. Praying Alexa Chung doesn't start wearing these so I don't have to see them on every blog/blogger in the world. Thank you.


Chip said...

I thought you were saying you hated the Atacomas and I was going to ahve to slap u

Yeah those new ones are not nice

TheNizzer said...

I gots these for christmas and lurve 'em. PLZDONTHATEME :'(

Stefanie said...

hahahah no Kate, those are fine, not nearly as scary as the new Acne's. Pretty cute actually!