Sunday, February 14, 2010


Listen up y'all cause this is it
I swear that Fergalicious will be stuck in my head for ALL TIME. Whenever I try to think of ANY song, that's the song that starts to play in my brain.
But ummm that was an aside.
On to the main attraction: ALEXANDER WANG FALL 2010
Unfortunately I missed the live online broadcast of this show because I was partaking in Olympic festivities around Vancouver at the time, but how cool is it that designers are now doing live feeds? I remember when McQueen did it a few seasons ago for the first time; it was awesome.

So at first I thought I hated the Wang, see Exhibits A and B:

I MEAN...pretty gross right?

BUT THEN...I started to dig the Wang, see Exhibits C-G

Are those velvet hose?! I feel an anecdote coming on: Once I had the chance to buy these burgundy velvet leggings from Urban Outfitters but I DIDN'T for some reason? Also they were $10. Hate myself.

OBSESSED with these cutout eyelet pants and not just because Magdalena is wearing them.

This dress is so Superhero like, RavenGirl or something. I adore it.

And just for good measure: a piccy of Tavi, because she looks so grown up and adorable here! Elizabeth WL, can you please pass on my message of love? It's Valentine's day after all...

Happy V-Day y'all, please enjoy this touching beautiful stunning heartfelt amazing festive photo


Chip said...

this is my least favorite wang collection so far I think

the last dress you posted was my favorite look thoguh so gooooood

tavi looks good she could use new glasses tho JUST SAYIN LUV U BOO

Annyong said...


love the velvet hose.

The Anthology said...

Love Tavi -- she's such an eccentric little old lady wrapped in a teenager's body.

Fun post!