Monday, October 25, 2010

drinks at Drink

Tonight, Stu and I went for drinks at Drink, a cute little cocktail lounge in New Westminster. We went out to celebrate him finishing midterms for the year! He's in third year microbiology so he has to work HARD, I don't envy him but I do admire his drive.

We suited up in our most wind-proof gear and walked over to Drink for margarita's (me) and dark beer (him).

He's making a faaaaaaace

sorry about my atrocious posing...

I wore my new (to me, second hand) pink suede bomber. I bought it in hopes of getting it dry-cleaned but to my chagrin, no dry cleaner would take it! They said
- if they tried to clean it, the pink would fade
- the chemicals would melt the suede
- they could send it away for cleaning but it would cost $70-$80!
Considering that is 4 times what I paid for this sucker, I declined. It isn't terribly stained or gross, the colour is just a little bit dull from wear. It still works though, Stu even called it "badass" so, there you have it.

Showing off my new Joe nailpolish, in Jade. Their formula is so great, super easy to apply and nice and opaque!


Chip said...

omg those drinks look so yum

revamp of the blog
i luv it
keep it up

go me
love it
love you bye

stefan said...

nice beard, mr sheppard

stefan said...

i mean, shepherd


great nails! im obsessed w/joe fresh everything!

feel free to Follow Me xoxo

discotheque confusion said...

ugh, feeling the pain on the dry cleaning front. but at least you actually have the get up and go to make it to the dry cleaners. my suede lies on a 'to-go' pile on my bathroom floor which I raid and guiltily dust off every few weeks if I've run out of other clothes to wear. nice.

your blog is looking good by the way, very different from last time I read it!

Chip said...

plus it is very badass