Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! The other day, in anticipation for this awesome holiday, Stu and I decorated the outside of his house for the trick-or-treaters! I came over in my best fall clothes: my favourite cape, my brown lace up booties and my denim shirt (buttoned all the way up of course). We put up fake spiderwebs, skull garland and a cute green skeleton. Tonight we're having pizza and beer and watching the Shining, which I have NEVER seen (don't make fun of me guys). I love Halloween, what did everyone dress up as?

Stu is my favourite: upon opening the first package of spider webs, he went over to the bushes and placed it like this. I had to instruct him in the art of actually spreading out the cotton so it looks somewhat like a real spiderweb, he didn't know.


Chip said...

thumbs up for the awesome cobweb job

u look fierce good nice etc

the yard looks scary good job lol

Mike Choi said...

steffy, you shoulda just stayed on the lawn all night.
scariest decoration of all!

aliciafashionista said...

Obsessed with the outfit, you layered up perfectly!! Hahaha the last photo with the thumbs up is awesome :)

carly. said...

do more outfit posts like this one! i adore this outfit...makes me want a cape! i'd totally get one but it's so close to being winter i doubt i'd get much wear of it this year. there's always next.

also. i still can't get over how perfect your hair is. it's perfect...freaking perfect!!!