Thursday, November 18, 2010

hairy part 2

The title "hairy" kind of makes me think of pubes? Ok sorry to gross everybody out before I post pictures of my HAIR on my HEAD. Here goes...

First, a reminder of my inspiration (also, can I get her eyes and cheekbones?):

(note, she is holding a MuchMusic mic! Canadians unite!)

And now for the pictures of my own cut! I have much thicker hair than hers but Ruby thinned it out lots so I hope that lasts...

Straight and blown-out:

After I had curled it a little:

I think I like it with a little texture in it more than straight and sleek, what do you think? This also bring me to another question:

Does anybody have any product recommendations for shorter hair? Stuff that will make my waves stand out and texturize everything?


Mike Choi said...

I think I like a little curlier too.
As for products...vaseline?

Annyong said...

pamaid? paumaid? how do you spell it.. but the goopy pasty stuff... i live by that shit. texturizing paste only a lil bit. I like the curlier version! and it keeps the frizz away!

also in wet hair:

-texturizing mousse (but if your not a mousse fan, not everyone is)

-Curling cream/goo

-and texturizing paste cuz then you dry with less friz.

Annyong said...

btw i love your new hair!

Bethany Kellen said...

i like the texture! i love some messy/wavy hair!

Jeanine said...

WOW i really like it!

White Lightning said...

you gorge thing, you.

i bought the moroccoan oil hair creme for curly hair, i like it. also kerastase cremes are great. that is the extent of my hair prod knowledge.

Chip said...

soo so so so so good
i love it
curls town especially

don't use product
just spit in your hands, lather it up and apply
i heard that works

Antonia said...

your hair looks so pretty! I wish I was brave to rock a shorter cut. I love it with the loose waves!

miss teacups. said...

gosh you're so pretty. i called can do anything. you just have such a gorgeous face.

also i like your top!

also also...what colour/brand of lippy are you wearing?

love you steffy!

Michelle said...

Wowwwww you look amazing! I want to post this on my own blog! I think you are right about Ombre looking best on shorter hair. I love this.

Anonymous said...

THE best product for texture in longer hair is Wax Blast from REDKEN. It is a wax spray wich gives a velvet/matt finish and a perfect hold. It's not greasy! And it smells great to. A must-have!