Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll just leave this here...

Anybody starved for inspiration (hahaha...that sounds a little melodramz, my bad)? It's been kind of gray around here lately but when I saw this spread on Fashion Gone Rogue (thanks to my bf4eva Pull Teeth aka Andrew Chipman for linking me) I was instantly like WOAH. Here's how the conversation went, try to keep up:

Andrew: WOAH

(and he linked me to this picture)

Me: OMG :')
Me: :'D
Me: -___-

Andrew: haahahahaha

Me: dead


Me: so much hideous beauty
Me: all encapsulating
Me: wonderous
Me: dirt

Andrew: exxxactly

So there you have it folks, now you know what to expect...

Such amazing shoes, such a great colour palette, so much...hideous beauty?
If you wanna see the full editorial, check it out on Fashion Gone Rogue.


stu said...

Why did you say 'dirt'? Is that a fash thing

Andrew said...

this post is flawless


(nicki minaj quote)

ps you're welcome again

chuck n. said...

ya well, those shoes eh?

the styling's awesome i must admit

stu said...

So off the record Stef says 'dirt is poetry'

Emilija said...

I love these pictures! Inspiring for sure.

I'm following this lovely blog of yours, would you mind following mine back? :)

Aina said...

Those shoes are insane! If someone wore it in Vancouver they will probably be looked at funny...haha.

Keep up the great work! Also, wanna follow each other? Supporting Vancouver bloggers!


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

give me those shoes
give me those pants
give me those legs!

^that will be my letter to santa this year with these pictures attached.

check me out!