Monday, April 25, 2011

Universe hear my prayer

Lately I feel like something is telling me that I need a big black and white turban. SOMETHING being the Universe/G-d/Allah/Zeus or just the mighty Internet. Then I remember I'm a lil girl who could never pull it off like Solange Knowles or this random gal (I don't know who this is sorry). And then I pray for enough money to pay to be transplanted with just a bit of the Knowles family genes. If you're brave enough/cool enough to rock this turban, please go forth. And send pics.

WOAH. Liiiiike, this whole outfit, right? Jesus.


aliciafashionista said...

I make a towel turban when I get out of the shower that is similar to photo one. Would be a bit of a scandelous photo to submit :P For serious though, I want a turban-esq headband this spring. Let me know if you see a good one around!

Melissa said...

I've seen some smaller versions that I would maybe attempt to pull off but I really feel like i'd look silly. As much as I love style, i've never been a tend setter and these turbans really make a statement!

Anonymous said...

You DEFINITELY have the balls to rock a turban. Okay maybe 'balls' is weird. The confidence/sass/style etc.

Andrew said...

Solange is killllin it there but she is so so so hit and miss

but yes u need a turban
black and white

A La Mode said...

Turbans are so awesome! My friend rocks one.

DREAMY said...

i love it! i used to rock a turban when my hair was short. should maybe pull one out again..!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

lol when I get out of the shower I always hope that when I put my hair up into a towel turban that it looks god on me. But sadly I am disappointed, i just have way to much hair