Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013: Amanda Seyfried

I love this woman. She's the prettiest princess in all of the land and her voice in Les Miserables sounds like birds singing a beautiful morning song. Her dress wasn't earth-shattering but she looked incredible and her hairstylist somehow managed to make her hair look long and flowing while avoiding the dreaded Hollywood-Mermaid thing that almost everyone wears on the regz.

Although I'm pretty sure it's part of the dress, seeing her made me want to get a gold bar necklace like this one or this one.


Katina said...

She's so perfect. Did you just say you didn't think she pretty or was that stu? She's alien good looking. But her voice wasn't that good in les mis! She's not a true soprano, she was using her head voice and it sounded very thin.

Beat Of Hearts said...

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