Monday, July 28, 2008

currently reading

up next:

anything by Douglas Coupland. To be determined by today's trip to McNally Robinson.


Brittany said...

i highly recommend hey nostradamus! or jpod. both GREAT.

Brigitte Plouffe said...

i have a lot of douglas coupland if you wanna borrow, and i'm reading anne frank right now too!

Dave said...

I recommend you keep reading some substance instead and that you don't shop at McNally.

queensofmachupicchu said...

These two jewels are in my top Ten. I highly recommend:
'She's Come Undone' by Wally Lamb
'Middlesex' by Jeffrey Eugenides
'Fall on Your Knees" by Anne Marie Macdonald

OR my absolute favorite:
'The Red Tent' by Anita Diamant.

All of these diamonds could potentially change your life. If all else fails they will make you snort in public from the hilarity of it all, or break your knees from extreme angst and sadness. Both ends of the spectrum can be beneficial. I personally prefer the open mouth snort face over the weepy puff in public. Just sayin'. I have multiple copies of each of these if you are into it.

Best, Meg.

Mike said...

i want to read lolita bbadly

James said...

i always get diary of anne frank and lolita confused in my head

discothequechic said...

well, reading is what the summer was made for!

esp for such classics like lolita (i'm yet to read it..)