Tuesday, July 8, 2008

riddle me this

So the other day in my Folk Fest camping pass panic, I posted an ad on Kijiji.com in search of one. Yesterday I received an email from a woman named Marie, a reporter from the national Canadian radio (the CBC, my faaaaaave thing ever) wanting to do an interview with me.

I thought "well, if nothing else, this might help me get a camping pass!" So I emailed her back and she gave me her phone number. Today I called her and she said she will be interviewing me tomorrow morning over the phone and it will pose the question

"Why are people willing to go to such great lengths just to camp at the Winnipeg Folk Festival?"

And after hanging up the phone, I thought "Oh shit. That's a really good question. I'm going to make a fool of myself on the radio." But then this evening I decided to look through the photos of last year's Folk Fest and it alllllll came back to me:

click to enlarge these awesome photos were taken by my best friend Andrew Chipman. Genius.

If any folk-festers are reading this: why are you willing to do crazy things for a folk fest pass?


Chip said...

omg what did u end up saying

Anonymous said...

why are there no picture of the performers? isn't it about the music?

Dana said...

yeah stef, its not about good times with friends. come on.

Brittany said...

had i been reading your blog and keeping to date like any good interweb'rrr... i would have known about your airwave debut... but alas... i did not. so sad. so so sad. from now on i promise to stay on top of these things.

but also.
that last photo = AMAZING.