Tuesday, July 15, 2008


to make up for my temp-death, I'll post some jpegs I've been saving in my good ol' "Blog Folder" to post here. Folk Fest was crazy by the way. More on that later.

JOHN TRAVOLTA BABY this made me laugh so hard.

I sort of need those tights. Lil' bit.

When I saw this I said, out loud, OH MY FUCKING GOD. How lol is it

Lastly, I kind of need to be this girl. Right. Now. Thank u


Anonymous said...

ummmm can i PWEAZE cuddle w/ that wrinkly puppy!!!???? My life will be complete!!!


Brittany said...

SOOOO lol.

Dana said...

i hope one day someone looks up "john travola baby wrinkly puppy" on google and it takes them here.

Stefanie said...

hahaha, I'll keep an eye on my stats just for you Dana. Keep you posted.

Fallon said...

Oh you're welcome !
My eyes are huge? Really? you think? haha.
Well i totally dig your blog, its great, and in this post i love the stockings !

discothequechic said...

i'd never really considered that john travolta was a child! hah.

and those tights.. sigh.
they're incredible. kind of like pretty schoolbook doodles.

i love this blog! your writing always makes me laugh and you come across really like cool, yeahh? hah.

Dick said...

i don't think you're THAT cool

just kidding!

those tights are like, ok, but at the risk of sounding like i spend all my time thinking about fashion... OMG THOSE MARGIELA SHOES. HELLo!

elizabeth said...

WHAT is that dogbunnygerbilthang??!

i know, that last facehunter girl is really a doozy.