Saturday, August 2, 2008

everything is new

The other day my friends Andrew, Brittany and I drove West of Winnipeg to try to find a field with yellow flowers. En route to Brandon we found a lovely one that was just perfect for the photo shoot we were cooking up. Mismatched outfits in tow, Andrew and I treaded into the field in our Doc Martens, flattening some of the yellow flowers in our path. Brittany got out her fancy camera equipment and went to work capturing us being silly, blowing bubbles, pretending to take photographs with old vintage cameras etc. etc. It was hot but the good company and beautiful setting made up for it.
Brittany has had a jam-packed week since then so she hasn't yet edited the photos but in the mean time, here are some polaroids Andrew and I took.

also, take a look at Brittany's Flickr page to get an idea of how great she is.

One time she did a photoshoot with us before Andrew's grad. I never posted about it for some reason! See:


Carol said...

Finally, I get to see the grad pix! They're great. But I'm really glad you've had that enormous black tumour removed from your head. It was playing havoc with your moods. Remember how I had to hide all your guns?


Chip said...