Wednesday, August 13, 2008

sour times

Just kidding about the subject line. Life is okay. Time for a point-form post! Weeee!

- Today I walked around downtown Vancouver. Was chatted up by black man with a grill. Like, I'm actually serious. He was really nice! He said "have a lovely day".

- At one point today I thought I was walking to Urban Outfitters but I went too far and wound up in the sex shop district. There was a store with stripper/hooker clothes called DARE TO WEAR IT!. I contemplated taking the dare! Just kidding.

- After Urban Outfitters, I was really thirsty. I went to 7-11 (they have URBAN 7-11's here, like in the middle of an office building all classy-like!) to get a Slurpee. I thought it sounded good but it made me cranky. I was walking around and people were getting in my way and some boys said something vulgar to me (I couldn't really hear them because I had my iPod on but STILL I SAW THEIR FACES) and I wanted to dump Slurpees on their heads. Then I saw this gross lady driving a huge pollute-y Escalade and I wanted to dump my Slurpee on it and dirty it up real good. I kept fantasizing about dumping my Slurpee on various things and then I realized I just really didn't want my Slurpee. It was gross. I threw it up out.

- Urban Outfitters was playing the new Beck album.

- My camera is making weird noises and not focusing and then turning off by itself! I was going to take pictures of cute people downtown today and secret pictures of funny people! But no luck. Sorry.

- I bought those pink sheer knee-highs for my last night in Winnipeg and I love them! Thanks white-lightning-Elizabeth!

- I've been listening to old Blink 182 albums. They are REALLY REALLY GOOD. Sample lyrics:
She makes me feel like it's raining outside and when the storm's done I'm all torn up inside
Everything has fallen to pieces, earth is dying help me Jesus. We need guidance we've been misled YOUNG AND HOSTILE BUT NOT STUPID!

ok bye


natalie said...

if we're fucked up you're to blame!

MR style said...

god u'r lucky livin in canada which is a very nice country to me !

Chip said...

idg why u couldn't tell me before u know

elizabeth said...

yaaaah the pink socks are the BEST! i am warning you, you're gonna be addicted and want every color.