Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm actually very sad about Heath Ledger's death! How unbelievable!

I don't know I feel like my life plans are getting pulled apart and remodeled and it's all very complicated and confusing. Due to my family (and I) not wanting to make things 1938202 x more complicated and costly than they already are, I will be moving to Vancouver with them and attending either UBC or SFU. I don't know, obviously I'm crushed that Toronto won't be happening anytime soon but if I move, they will pay my tuition and books and I won't have to pay for rent and food which I can't afford at ALL. I'll be able to save up some money so I can visit Winnipeg and Toronto and maybe take some exciting trips and who knows...
I'm just happy to be leaving Winnipeg for now. Even though I love many things about this city it's just TIME to leave, you know?

my head hurts so so so so much and my nose is so so stuffy and I just generally feel like a terrible underwater sea creature. Haaaallllp

ew I just grossed myself out that thing is disgusting

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Andrew said...

brb killing myself