Friday, January 11, 2008


just a few items of interest (to only me, really)edit: the general interest bullet points are in purple for efficiency

-I cut my bangs and they're pretty nifty, I look really different

-I forgot how much I used to like Belle and Sebastian in, like, grade 10. I think I'll start listening to them again.

-I have tomorrow completely off from both of my jobs and that is AWESOME.

-Jeanine chose sushi for her birthday dinner which obviously makes me happy

-Tonight I bet anyone $5 that I'll dream about different types of lenses and astigmatism and far-sightedness and near-sightedness and holy shit

-I posted the photos from my disposable cameras from the Ugly Sweater Jogging Club, please go love them as much as I do


-I'm trying not to be cryptic in this blog but that's so hard to do when you don't want to be directly mean so, to "Clifford": stop trying so hard, trust

I hope you enjoyed the purple parts of this blog thank you for your time

-One more thing: say you were in the car with somebody you liked but it wasn't a "thing" yet or anything and you were in control of the music to play and you weren't going to play any cheesy shit but just something you'd want them to hear that would accurately represent your taste and also make them think "okay this person is pretty groovy," WHAT WOULD YOU PLAY?
I'm not in this situation at all but I'm curious! I would probably play...
this is so hard and it would completely change with the person I'm sure
King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 andKing Of Carrot Flowers Part 2 & 3 by Neutral Milk Hotel (they kind of blend together and make one song that's like 5.5 minutes) because it's fucking cool. It would be kind of awkward because one of the lyrics in part 2 & 3 is like "IIIIIIII LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST" and I don't know but it could be weird for the other person, even though it's not christian at all and it's just fucking cool.



GUESS WHO said...

Potential Break Up Song

no questions asked

Brittany said...

i heart NMH.