Thursday, September 25, 2008

how to brighten my week 101:

Send me these three DVD's in the mail and tell me I can keep them for as long as I want and include self-addressed stamped envelopes for me to send them back to you when I'm done watching. That is what (one of Canada's versions of Netflix) has been doing for almost a month now and I'm in HEAVEN. It's fantastic to come home from a long day to find movies I've been dying to watch wrapped up in neat little packages in my mailbox. AND it's a family account so I pay NOTHING. The way it works (Americans can skip this, I'm sure you're allllll toooooo famils):

- You sign up on the website with a credit card (I assume...since I didn't have to do this) (EPIC SIDENOTE: MY APPLICATION FOR A PRESIDENT'S CHOICE FINANCIAL CREDIT CARD WAS DECLINED THIS WEEK LOL I AM A FAILURE)

- You RACK YOUR BRAINS for titles of movies you've been wanting to see for a while but never got around to it (example: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. That one is courtesy of daddy dearest...) then search for them on the site (they have everything ever) and check them off to put in your queue

- mails you the DVD's in the order in which they become available. You can have three/four movies out at a time, depending on which plan you choose.

- After your first month FREE, you start to get charged an average of $24 a month



Dave said...

Lets be honest, you just like getting mail. That's what this is really about, you want people to send you postcards and packages...

saltwater said...


hay stefanie, i'm emma
i lurk your blog like cray cray

Miles Malpractice said...

In regards to your credit denial. PC Financial hateds everyone. Get a BMO Mosaik Student Mastercard.

Ryan (I creep you blog)

Dick said...

all summer long i tried to figure out ryan's netflix account, before realizing i had ordered too many films

... i hope he likes first wives club

Mike said...


Pesik said...

i'll do it... aslong as you get high before you watch all of them and eats lots of smartfood

Chip said...

not interested ty tho

James said...

dont worry stef i get turned down for pc mastercard like twice a week