Monday, September 15, 2008


HELLO can I please have a moment of your time?
I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings of love and appreciation for the Luella Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Here are a few bullet points for you before I continue:

- The detail shots are extremely important and fantastic
- If you like little cupcakes with frosting and pearls you will like this collection
- If liberty print is your poison, you will like this collection
- If you're into those little lacy things that go over your face (I have no idea what to call them) you will love this collection
- If you just plain LIKE REALLY PRETTY SHIT you will like this collection

Ok now that you have been briefed, you may proceed.


Chip said...

nice addition to the bow

ps did u notice that girls ass in the first pic it's totally fucked up

Amy said...

i did not like it

(i don't actually know anything about education on this matter is based solely on your blog. i am not fashion. i do not love fashion. so i realize i don't know what i'm talking about)

so sorry my dear friend. WAIT! before you completely write me should know that you are now officially on my wall. my real-life wall. the one in my bedroom. because i put up LOTS of pictures last night!
and also...i DID notice the way weird ass. someone is clearly trying to fold it in half

Anonymous said...

gimme one-na doz cakes!


Fleurr De Lux said...

I liked last spring's better but this collection is beyond adorable! I love all the pearls! And the lace-face!

Mike said...

hated it
last season was so much better and the season before that was unbeatable.

Annyong said...

the pearls! the ruffles, how magical.
i want cupcakes immejutly now.

Brittany said...


white lightning said...