Sunday, September 28, 2008

keep your guns at home

I know this is horribly selfish and terrible of me but...I miss the old Cat Power. I totally miss the Chan who used to drink like a fish and flash her pubes in photos and not be on the cover of L'Officiel. I long for the Cat Power who would play shows/songs with just her guitar and a drummer and maybe a bassist, and whose songs were only in minor keys. I've hated her last two albums, The Greatest and Jukebox. They're all big-bandy and over-processed and (cringe) happy. I'm a complete and total believer in the cliche of the tortured artist and in the fact that suffering = art and all that bullshit, which is why I think her early stuff (Myra Lee, What Would The Community Think, Dear Sir) was so epic. And now that she's all happy and successful and clean and sober, it's not the same anymore.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about how her song "Rockets" is my very favourite and was the source for the name of this blog. So here you go, click and listen to the song or right click and save the song forever.

Cat Power - Rockets


Dick said...

yeah fuck chan it should have been me in l'officiel

Stefanie said...

I feel so bad for saying I wish she didn't go on l'Officiel and play at Chanel and shit because HELLO I'd give up the drink for that.

Dick said...
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Dick said...

ok, ok

"let them eat cake"

off with my head, jesus