Tuesday, September 2, 2008

new year new look new paige

As you can see, my blog is now PEENK. How does this make you feel? I like it a lot, it reminds me of cookies.

Speaking of sweet things, I'm currently watching "Degrassi the Next Generation: Behind the Scenes" and Paige and Marco are showing me around the sets. I don't understand why Andrew hates this show so much.


can you spot Lucille Bluth?!

90210! Darcy from Degrassi is now the main character in the new series of 90210! She is such a Generation Next-er. Did anyone watch it? I did. It was alright I guess. Here's my breakdown. Sorry about the image quality, I still don't have photoshop on the new laptop so I'm using PAINT. barf.

That's Naomi, the queen bitch. She is soooooo fierce.

Chick With The Bangs (that's her name for now since I don't remember it and don't really care) I want to know what's UP with you. They didn't really develop her story at all yet but I'm intrigued. What we know about CWTB: she bought some mysterious $200 bag of pills from some surf bro, she went on a movie audition but was hearing voices (mysteriously?) so she left before it was her turn to read, her mom is poor. STAY TUNED.

These two are the dynamic duo. And yeah, his dad is a porn director and won't let him watch porn until he turns 21 (and he's actually following that rule...for now. I'll keep you posted.)

ALSO SIDENOTE: speaking of Dynamic Duos, these two hipsters were in the premiere for like .2 secs:

Yeah, you read correctly, he is a TEACHER. He is also the foxiest man/guy on the show. I feel funny.

anyway THOUGHTS?


Chip said...

"this guy is a teacher" with a line made me lol

this crap is so crappy it's crap

boo degrassi boo 90210

I only wanted to watch for cory kennedy

and on that note...how many sweet 16'ers did mark f**k on set do u think? 15? 93? idk

lou said...

uhm, i LOVE degrassi the next generation. i've actually seen every episode via the interweb. so good. i wish marco and ellie were real, i'd make them my friends

Chris Banana said...

you know how i feel about degrassi so i won't even go there, but 90210 was aight to me. i'm gonna miss darcy on degrassi next year because the old kids are all gone. idk i have many discussions about it on ontd_degrassi and post lots of pictures and scenarios rofl. i didn't like any of the girls besides darcy on 90210 but i liked all the guys. except the hunk guy. who was the ugliest one ironically. i love the porn director's son, he's my faveee :P<3

Fallon said...

Cory & Mark are great !
& so is your blog !

Fleurr De Lux said...

My favorite part was how chick-with-bangs couldn't scrounge together 200 beans to pay for her pills and resorted to stealing Queen-Bitch's bag, but she was all up in da club with HER OWN Chanel purse!
I also love how the only minority on the show is adopted by a rich white family, it's so Jolie-Pitt.
OMG I just admitted to watching the new 90210.

Annyong said...

Ahaha thats so fununy i thought the cobrasnake and cory kennedy were like retarded ahahaha

our blog isnt pnk!!!!! unless im colourblind

or is it one of those offshades.
i dont know.
im supide

i love u

discothequechic said...

mmmm cookies.

meh 90210 doesn't appeal to me.

BUT then i am a brit
didn't witness it the first time round
and maybe be biased because i hate that cover of nylon.

um, seriously, he's a teacher?


Liv/e in Both Senses said...

I knew I had to go back to school for SOME reason!